May Faves

I’ve developed a new format for how I want to do my favorites. I’ve been meaning to get into my monthly favorites for a while now, but something always held me back. I like the idea of curating a monthly list of things that I enjoyed. I’m a big fan of looking back to the past and comparing it to where I’ve gotten in the future.
Plus, I could rediscover some amazing music.

First, my Favorite Show of the Month. This can be anything from a show I binge-watched or it could be a show I only saw an episode of and am now thoroughly obsessed. This month my favorite show is Sense8.

sense8-season-2My boyfriend had never seen it before and I’d just finished the second season so I really wanted him to get into the show. We have really similar tastes so I knew if I could just get him to watch the first episode he would like it and want to watch more.

It took a lot of pushing and convincing but eventually I got him to watch the show and we marathoned it on the spot. It felt good to go back and watch a show I had fallen in love with with the person I’m in love with!

If you’ve never seen it before I urge you to check it out because it is a hilarious show with deep meaning and a wonderfully diverse cast. If you need a better endorsement check out this post* on my blog.

Second, my Favorite Book of the Month. I’ve recently challenged myself to read 200 hundred books this year*, so adding a book of the month section gives me incentive to actually read. I’m thinking of expanding this beyond published print. I read a lot of fanfiction, and I write a lot of fanfiction and I deeply believe in it as a writing medium. I’ve read literally thousands of fanfic’s**, so I’d love to share some of them with you all.

crookedkingdomThis month the title goes to Crooked Kingdom, a book which I have actually reviewed here*. I love Leigh Bardugo and I plan on buying up everything she even signs her name on, and Crooked Kingdom was the cement glue that solidified that love.  It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that made me feel like this.

I’m excited to read again, and I can’t wait for what I read next month.

Third, is my Favorite Moment of the Month. The month of may has been pretty spectacular, and on the 5th I had a pretty magical day. I’m debating doing a full post on it, but for now enjoy this picture and a little summary of my day.

santamonicatripJason and I went to Santa Monica and walked along the Pier. The weather was perfect, overcast and perfectly temperate. If you looked at the cloud covered skies and the dark water, you’d think it went on forever.

We rented bikes for the day and rode to Venice Beach. We laughed and raced one another around turns and curves. We tried to be careful of the sand covered path, but eventually I got to cocky and got myself into a bit of an accident***.

Luckily, a Venice local saw the fall, congratulated me on my ability to take a hit like that then start laughing, and helped me up. We tried  not to let it ruin our day, but my leg and hip hurt really terribly so we finished our ride and then took the bikes back.

I will always remember the sound of the roaring ocean, the whisper of the wind in my ears, and my own breathing and heart beat.

We finish with my Plans for Next Month. I think having something to look forward to next month would be nice. Even if it doesn’t end up happening, it’d be nice to think about.

cropped-unnamedNext month my semester ends and I have to get ready for summer classes. I’ve been struggling a lot with getting to school, so I only signed up for online classes. I’m looking forward to seeing how that pans out, and if it’s something I should consider doing more in the future.

*yes I’ve been slacking off, don’t judge me
**no exaggeration, it’s thousands.
***don’t try to break when you have no traction because you will spin out and you will get sand burn

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