Mental Music

I can distinctly categorize moments in my life by the music (and the playlists) I was listening to at the time. Middle school was a mish mash of early Katy Perry (One of the Boys), Paramore (Riot & Brand New Eyes), Maroon 5, etc. Early high school was a bit of Black Veil Brides and Pentatonix . . . Let’s just say my tastes are eclectic.

Since starting college I’ve been craving a certain sound, something soothing but catchy, something melodic. Like for instance, In Love by Himitsu is probably my most listened to song at the moment. Seconding that would have to be Drew Barrymore by SZA, which I’ve mentioned in my February Faves post at the end of last month. I want my music to transport me and relax me.

I’ve been listening to a few artists on near constant repeat like Syd and her new solo album, Fin, and EXES and PLAZA. I’m just really feeling female voices and the stories they have to tell. The tales of love and woe with EXES is my favorite thing to sing along to. The sultry and low melodies of PLAZA are perfect for taking me out of my head and building my confidence. I’ve found a deeper connection to the music I listen to, and I think it’s helped me greatly with my anxiety and how I cope.

The music I listen to has to flow nicely from one song to another on the playlist, and I’ve noticed I’ve been attracted to slower, more soulful or thoughtful melodies. The sultry melodies I’ve been attracted to recently wars with the pop punk phase I find myself drifting in and out of. I’ve found something for those cravings to, when I just want to let go and feel thirteen again I listen to The Front Bottoms and Waterparks.

I’m gonna put my favorite song from Waterparks, Stupid For You, right here so you can experience the magic that is this amazing band.

The reason I’m bringing up music, is because while dealing with my anxiety skyrocketing while my mood dropped completely, music was the only thing to keep me present. My boyfriend and grandpa have been really supportive in allowing me to cope how I need to and move at my on pace emotionally. But the beginning of this year has been a rollercoaster of emotion and doubt for the past three months.

My birthday was a good day, my boyfriends birthday was a good day, but we had to cut our trip short because the crowds became too much for me. I felt so ashamed that we had to leave early because of my personal issues. My boyfriend assured me that he didn’t mind, and I believe him. I’m just disappointed in myself.

Music has been a really good balm for my metaphorical wounds. If music has helped you in any way, I hope you take my music suggestions and check them out. These artists truly are amazing, and I always manage to pick myself up while listening to them. I hope they can do the same for you.


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