2017 Is Here

The first week of 2017 has officially finished which means we’re a whole week closer to 2018. I’m actually quite excited this year. Last year wasn’t my best year but it also brought my life to new heights.

I started this blog, reunited with the love of my life, got a new job, started college, etc. 2016 was rife with new experiences and life lessons. I’m steadily learning how to take better care of myself everyday. Which brings me to my New Years resolution/plan/goal. I want to take my health and appearance more seriously.

My eating habits are horrible, I don’t exercise, and I’m constantly fighting one cold or about to suffer from another or just coming off a fever. It gets tiring getting sick all the time, so taking my health in hand is a must for me this year.

I’m not gonna jinx myself by saying I want to lose x amount of lbs by y, I’m keeping it more simple. I’ve noticed that when you focus on your end goal more than the actions you want to take to see it through you don’t actually achieve those goals. Then, when you fail whatever resolution you set out for yourself, it makes you feel bad, worse even than attempting to see your dream come true and not succeeding.

If you at least put in the work, you can’t feel too bad at not succeeding. But if you fail without even having tried, then you have to deal with the regret of never trying.

For 2018 I want to eat better, I want to exercise more, I want to treat my body the way it deserves to be treated.

Another goal of mine this year, is to put more effort and content into this blog. I have so much to write about, so much I want to show you guys and experience. But I keep worrying it won’t be good enough. I worry that I’ll try to give you guys good content and instead just push out trash. So I hold off on writing even though I have all these ideas, and my blog remains empty.

2017 is the year that I realize that I am a writer. Whether I’m “professionally” published or not, my words matter. If not to anyone else then at least to myself. I’m constantly afraid of doing something wrong that I never do anything at all. This year I want to focus on putting myself out there.

This year I want to reach a milestone with my blog and my life. Here’s a very edited and painfully shortened list.

  • 100 followers on my blog by the end of the year.
  • Publish one ebook
  • Read 300 Books by the end of the year (something you can follow along with on my Goodreads)
  • Grow my Twitter and Instagram
  • Learn Photography
  • Learn a new language

I want to do so much this year, but I’m so afraid of failure. 2016 wasn’t without its failures, without its downs, without it’s loses. I have so much hope for 2017 that I’m almost afraid to believe in it. I’m afraid to put thought and effort into these hopes and goals because I’m afraid of failure.

So here’s another New Years Resolution: I want to do the things I’m afraid of. I hope you’re ready for consistent (ish) content and (hopefully) a growth of my skills and talents. Before you go leave a comment and let me know what your New Years Resolution is, I’d love to hear about it.


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