Places to See, Places to Live

I’ve already mentioned before that I plan to travel and quite possibly live in a different country, but I never elaborated. I’ve always loved travelling. My family used to go on roadtrips all the time and I loved it. I loved the drive, even though the expanse of land between California and everything else is pretty much desert, and I loved the short stops we made before we got to our final destination.

Not many people understand that amazing sense of wonder I feel when we stop in a little town, and I realize that this is someones home. A place that is only a rest stop, a bathroom break, could very well be the place someone was born and raised. It’s just amazing. Especially when I meet locals and I can ask them about their favorite places to go in their town.

If I had to permanently move anywhere, I’d probably move to the United Kingdom. It has the kind of weather I’ve always been in love with, rainy and cool, and it has a nice mix of countryside to city that I just want to explore. It’s close enough other countries so that if I wanted to take a day trip to France I could or vice versa.

There’s history all over the streets, and every day could be a learning experience for me. I love the architecture, the mix of modern and classic. My favorite author, Jane Austen, was born there, so I could take a tour of the towns and places that inspired her fictional settings. It’d be a dream.

I love California, and I love Los Angeles. But if I was given the opportunity to move anywhere, the UK would be the first thing out of my mouth.


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