I Put My Phone on Shuffle and This Happened

The Room Where It Happens – Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Ok who doesn’t love Hamilton? Who doesn’t love historical fan fiction? This song is when the story really jumps into the eventual downfall of Burr and Hamilton. It’s beautiful because before the two solo’s Burr had were about the women in his life and dealing with the loss of him family. This song is a great departure from that. It also takes care of the fact that no one really knows what was going on back then, not even the people actually around at that time. I think it was clever of Lin to address this and make this incredible catchy song.

Now – Paramore (the self-titled album)

This is the first song I hear from Paramore after I finally stopped over playing Brand New Eyes and I was really skeptical. Haley had this really weird hair cut in the video so I couldn’t quite focus on the song itself. Then I heard the rest of the album and I was hooked. Paramore is one of those bands that makes music for a mood. I can attribute each album that they’ve ever come out with to something I was feeling at the time and the album just got it. Now is just like this. I was feeling weak and down and Now felt like a call to action, like I had to get up and with the 2016 has been going I need this.

Speechless – Lady Gaga (The Fame Monster)

My mom and I were big Gaga fans when she first came out. She was the only artist we could agree to listen to, and we’d drive around our neighborhood with this song and Poker Face on Repeat. I used to sing this song a lot when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. It symbolizes betrayal and shock and deep down an angry love. It’s just a good song to listen to when you wanna go on a real crying jag.

Cell Block Tango – Chicago (Music From the Miramax Motion Picture)

I just love musicals. I’ve loved them since Grease, since the Wiz, since Cinderella (the Brandy version). Musicals are my thing, ask anyone. This song is so awesome because its just a bunch of badass ladies admitting that they did kill their lovers, but for a good reason, and talking about the injustice of it all. If you haven’t seen the actual performance by Catherine Zeta Jones, you’re missing out.

Gingerbread Man – Melanie Martinez (Single)

I love the imagery Melanie Martinez spins into every song. Every song is like one big double entendre, she takes these adult themes and then relates them to their childlike counterparts. In this song she’s talk about how she wants a guy but that she doesn’t want to be “completed”. She’s whole with or without a guy but having one would be sweet.

Dead To Me – Melanie Martinez (Crybaby)

This is just an adorable take at gallows humor. To put it simply, her ex is dead to her, that doesn’t mean she can’t be a cheeky little shit over the end of their relationship. My shuffle does this from time to time, play an artist twice in a row. I can’t say this upsets me too much. I’m coming up on the anniversary of the worst relationship of my life and listening to this song is like a little pat on the back. A little, “You made the right decision, Tia.”

Break – tricot (AND)

OMG, I love this band. Back when Rdio was a thing they were all I listened to for a solid month. I like to call them my favorite Japanese Alt Rock band whenever I get (read: force) a friend to listen to them. I’ve never heard music like this from Japan, and I actually feel bad that I assumed that all mainstream music in Japan was some form of pop or a ballad. It’s an all girl band that have a mix of awesome guitar and croony vocals that I love. I try to sing along but I’m pretty sure I’m just mangling their beautiful language.

Dammit Janet – Rock Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again (Fox version)

There’s been a serious influx of TV musicals, some of which are pretty awesome and diverse. Other’s are ok. RHPS (the fox version as it will always be called) was pretty meh as a whole. Laverne Cox rocked it, Adam Lambert rocked it, and Ryan McCartan as Brad was amazing. Maybe I’m biased, I love Ryan. But every time I see him act opposite a petite beauty I realize that he’s the perfect guy to fall in love with. He just plays the devoted boyfriend/fiance so well. So even though I didn’t like Fox’s version all together, he was definitely a highlight

West Virginia – The Front Bottoms (Back On Top)

I found this band on accident, but I kept listening because of the nostalgia factor. They have that California whine a lot of 90’s-2000’s bands had (Blink 182 if you want a reference) even though they are from the East Coast. It’s the kind of movie you’d expect on the “American Pie” soundtrack or some other coming of age story set in like, 2003. This song in particular is really good but the rest of their albums and single aren’t bad either. I highly recommend you check them out.

Chip On My Shoulder – Legally Blonde the Musical ( Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Yes, yes I know. I listen to a lot of musicals. What can I say? I’m a singer, and I like music I can sing along to. I like Legally Blonde, I like musicals, why is anyone surprised I like Legally Blonde the musical? This song is the pickme up I need when procastination sets in and I start thinking about dropping out of college and just livin’ a life on the rails. Of course I’d never do that. But this song is good to listen to in the meantime.

While writing this I listened to this Random Shuffle Playlist on repeat.

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