Guilty Pleasures

Oooh, just when I think these prompts are getting stale. Guilty pleasures are probably my favorite thing to talk about, mostly because I don’t have any. I mentioned in this post that I don’t like regretting things (I even quoted RENT) so what’s the point of having a guilty pleasure?

I just like pleasure. Like, a lot, all the time. I’m probably a hedonist but I feel like hedonism is currently out of my budget at the moment.

It’s not like I’ve never had something that I enjoyed and then felt guilty about (Twilight, Spice World, Taylor Swift) but then I realized the whole concept of guilty pleasures is stupid. People are afraid of enjoying the things they enjoy out of shame or some weird notion that nice things are immediately followed by crappy things.

Do you even realize how miserable that makes you, policing your interests like that? People are gonna judge you no matter what you do (growing up around Church Ladies taught me that), so why make yourself worse by judging yourself as well? You’re getting it from all sides and now you have to deal with judgment from people even if you didn’t actually partake in your pleasure.

If you secretly love Kpop, why are you hiding it? There are more than enough open spaces for Kpop fans to connect and get together. You’re not going to be ostracized because of your interest in a different type of music. There will always be people just like you willing to be your friend because of this shared interests.

Trust me on this. Take this from the girl who’s been in friendships and relationships where I felt like my interests weren’t respected. I was miserable, I was constantly thinking, “If they find out I like this they won’t want to be around me anymore.” Who wants that kind of negativity in their life?

For instance, my current pleasure is buying the novelization of movies and then comparing them to the actual film. Are these books actually good? Hell no, more often than not they read like bad fan fiction. My Immortal is better than some of the trash I’ve read.

But I love it, it’s my “guilty” pleasure. It makes me laugh and it’s not that expense honestly. The most a book has ever been was about $13 bucks? Maybe less. Some people think it’s a waste of money, but I don’t. Am I gonna let them police my interest? No! And neither should you.

In the comments let me know about your “guilty pleasures”. Please, try to keep it PG

(I wrote this while listening Talking Body by Tove Lo.)

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