My Current Relationship

It’s no secret to all of my friends that I am stupidly in love with my boyfriend at the mo, but I doubt any of the people reading this blog know that. I’m not exactly a private person, there are things I won’t share on social media that I’m happy to talk about in person, but my current relationship has been on a mostly need to know basis.

To be honest, it’s because I’m selfish. My boyfriend is amazing and a part of me wants to get a microphone and shout it from the rooftops while another part of me wants to secret him away from prying eyes.

Jason and I met at Centennial High School in Compton, CA. I’m not gonna lie to you guys and say it was immediately love at first sight. To be honest, I’m not even sure we really liked each other. But I can say that he was my first real friend in my first year of high school and, despite the fact that I was a freshman puppy, he was nice to me.

Jason ended up moving schools and then a year later I ended up moving schools and we didn’t meet again until a mutual friend brought him to my house. He was different than I remembered, still as tall and geeky as the day we met, but he was officially an adult now. A man with a beard who took college classes and paid his bills.

To someone still in high school that’s all that qualified to really be an adult, the ability to pay your bills. Having a beard was just a pleasant bonus in my eyes.

Again, no sparks flew, no sudden realization after a year apart that we were destined to be together. But if that meeting hadn’t happened I can honestly say I wouldn’t be as happy and as in love as I am now.

We started to spend time together, realizing that though our core interests were different, we still agreed on a lot of things. A conversation with Jason is never boring, he can follow the impossible leaps my mind makes and he laughs like my jokes are actually funny. For a month we met up under the guise of having nothing better to do with anyone else, but eventually we came to like spending time together.

We even came to look forward to seeing one another, and would schedule impossible meet ups so we didn’t have to go a week without at least seeing one another.  The story is actually kind of funny and I enjoy telling anyone who will listen.

Basically Jason and I had gone on a date to this* bookstore in Downtown LA. Through a series of misadventure (I lost my phone twice and he valiantly retrieved it for me) I turned to him and asked, “Do you want to be my boyfriend?” We’d been talking around the topic all day. Not really weighing the pros and cons but deciding if a title is what we really wanted to put to something that we enjoyed so much.

We’d both just come out of relationships that were less than fulfilling (I’m being nice) and we were wary of jumping into something that might not work or would only lead to more heartbreak. Because while it would suck to never pursue more with one another, it’d be downright horrible to attempt a relationship and lose a fledging friendship.

Two years of breakups, makeups, and more laughter and smiles than I’ve ever shared with anyone, and I can honestly say I don’t regret for a second every little thing that led me to be with him. Jason is my anchor, my best friend, my confidant. Every time we broke up was pure torture. Every time we’re apart now, for work or school, you know, adult stuff, I find myself counting the minutes util I can see him again.

What we have just works.

(I wrote this post while listening to Fools by Troye Sivan)

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