Pretty Painful

Quite recently I bought a pair of boots, the beauties down below to be exact. After gushing about them to all of my friends and of course Instagram,  I proceeded to take these babies with me on a normal day around my college campus.

So first, back story; I bought these boots on an impromptu shopping trip with a few friends. Originally another friend of mine wanted them but I kinda overlooked them in favor of another pair of booties (that I can’t actually find on the website for some reason). Also, I already had a pair (that I’ve sadly already walked through pretty thoroughly) that looked just like them.

In the end though, when the booties I actually wanted ended up not actually being my size I bought the other pair as a kind of consolation prize. In my mind, they were a bit of a step up from the identical pair I’d already purchased (and not just cause the heel was higher) and I needed a good fall boot anyway.


Black is kind of my go to color for shoes because 1. I tend to treat shoes pretty roughly and really wear them down and 2. they go with everything. So in the end even though I didn’t get the booties I originally wanted at least I didn’t go home empty-handed. Those high-heeled booties were still calling to me but I remember feeling at least a little satisfied with my purchase.

That was until, I actually put them on.


Now I don’t have very big feet, they’re long, for sure, but they don’t bust out of my shoes or anything. But when I put on these shoes my feet felt like they were in a vice. My socks weren’t particularly thick either, but for some reason putting on these shoes was a pure pain in the ass.

There’s no zipper to help you out, just the web like elastic along the sides of the shoes. They’re supposed to help with the stretch, but it’s not particularly successful with the material of the  boot being stiff leather.

When I first put them on and really felt how uncomfortable they were, I chalked it up to them not being broken in yet. So it was my dumb idea to walk around all day in yet to be broken in boots. I gracefully accepted my punishment by wincing with every step and complaining to anyone who would listen.

You’d think that after my tortuous day in those beautiful boots that I’d be rewarded by them at least kind of fitting me? No such luck. I lasted maybe an hour, only for the very same problems to re arise. It was too tight in a way that had nothing to do with the size being wrong or my feet too wide. These boots just refused to accept the fact that I needed to walk in them.

Verdict: cute but not worth the inevitable bunions.


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