The Quote That Gets Me Through The Day

Bloom Where You Are Planted

This quote is what sustains my optimism. For a long time I looked at change as this inevitable setback. I’m a sucker for comfort and stability and any situation that seemed different or difficult I actively shunned. This didn’t change anything of course, but it did make me miss out on situations that could have otherwise been a boon towards my growth as a person and a woman.

When I found this quote I was at a very difficult time in my life. I’d just moved to a new city and a new school without the usual support system I was used to. I found myself shrinking and turning inward. I gave up opportunities to make friends, experience my beautiful new city, and involve myself in the community around me.

Stumbling across this quote on Tumblr at the exact time in my life seemed like a godsend. The fact that this is an actual quote from the Bible startled me even more.

I come from a casually religious family, as a child I wholeheartedly believed everything my church told me to. As I grew older, I found that certain aspects of religion just  weren’t for me and I distanced myself from all religions so thoroughly I’d forgotten that these teachings aren’t all about damnation and a moral code.

This quote is a prime example of that. 

It’s telling you to take whatever situation you’re in, and thrive anyway. 

If you’re at a new school, in a new city, or if you’ve recently discovered the type of person you want to be, take that change and grow anyway.

All religion aside, this quote is unfailingly optimistic and has been the driving force I needed to work through my anxiety and the difficult hand life has dealt me.

What quote has inspired you in your life?


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