Get That Late to Class Look

If you’re anything like to me, you love sleep and you love fashion. You get a giddy feeling in your chest when you get to sleep in. Your heart starts to race when you walk into the store you call home, and see all the new shoes/bags/etc. you can add to your collection.

This love, pure as it may be, can cause conflict in the rest of your life. You sleep in on a day you’re not supposed to, and you don’t have time to pick out the outfit of the day. Which means you have to go to school/work looking (and probably feeling) crummy.

I have five steps that I use to look good on a day I’m running late.

  1. Go for a dress. You don’t have time to look for a pair of jeans  and then also look for a top. A dress is a full outfit that’s versatile and low maintenance. Pair it with laid back sandals or girly flats and either way you have a complete look.
  2. Let’s say you haven’t shaved recently (and you’re insecure about leg hair), or you just don’t own a dress (not unheard of). My second go to is jeans, a plain shirt, and a sleek jacket. It’s a very simply, understated look that requires little to no effort. With the right jacket, such as a jean or leather, sweater or cardigan you can look like you put more effort into your outfit than you actually did, and jeans go with everything. Choose any shoes you’d like, jeans are forgiving in that you can roll them up with cute flats, cuff them while in sneakers, or let them hang loose over boots and it all looks good.
  3. Hats, beanies, fedoras, oh my! Hair can be a BIG time guzzler if you’re not careful. If you have hair on the straighter end of the spectrum, water and a ponytail holder are your best friends. Simply apply a little water (or shower if you need to) and with a brush, slick your hair back into a ponytail. If you’re hair is on the curly/kinky end of the spectrum, I recommend the same thing. If you’re feeling adventurous, a few well placed bobby pins can give you a sweet feminine look in minutes. Just expect to deal with shrinkage.

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