Changing Your Mind

When you’re a kid, options were limitless and everywhere. Your parents worried about food, clothes, and housing, so all you had to worry about was what toy to play with or which stuffed animal to sleep with. As you grew older, what you wore and how you behaved in public became a part of the choices you were allowed to make. Making your own choices and being responsible for them happened gradually (or not so gradually if you had a childhood like mine). But now you’re an adult, or almost an adult, and the decisions you make have consequences.

Your decisions affect everything: your work life, your school life, and your social life in new and sometimes annoying ways now that your the one at the helm of your life. For some it’s an exciting freedom, a chance to prove to someone or everyone that you know how to make smart and good decisions. For me personally having that control started off amazing and then steadily became something I hate the most about being considered an adult.

Because I’m me! I’m goofy and silly. I have trouble eating a balanced meal sometimes because I hate cooking and have yet to learn how to cook vegetables. It’s hard to connect adult ( dude with a breifcase who pays his bills) to me (girl who occasionally runs out of underwear because she forgets to do the laundry).

I’m not saying you’re like me, for all I know you have adulthood down! You pay your bills and eat your veggies like an adult! But for the rest of you out there, feeling overwhelmed and lost, I’m here to tell you you’re not alone. I’m with you. So I’m going to tell you the same thing I tell myself when I get too into my head about what I’m not doing instead of doing it.

  • You’re not the only one floundering.
  • If any adult who went into adulthood before the real estate bubble burst tries to give you hell about not owning a house/car/401k tell them to move along. You’re doing your best in an economy working against you and a workforce that refuses to hire you/pay you more than pennies.
  • If you changed your mind about your identity/career/gender/etc. That’s okay. Your in early adulthood for a reason. The other people you see making millions and traveling to exotic locations either came from money/had help jumpstarting their career/ or have been working hard for a long time long before you noticed them.
  • Making decisions is tough, and it sucks when it doesn’t pertain to deciding to fall asleep early vs. staying up till dawn. But think of it this way, would you rather some one else decide your life for you?
  • And lastly, changing your mind is to be expected. School and society puts so much pressure on us to know what we want by 18, when it’s not realistic. A diploma and a polyester cap and gown isn’t a magic formula that makes you an Adult(tm).
  • Your early twenties are your selfish years. Your struggle years. You spend those first few years in adulthood figuring out what you want to do. You can’t be afraid to realize that sometimes what you thought you wanted turned out to be wrong. You just have to be ready to admit this wasn’t it and find what your it is.

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