I’ve Been Here Before

At the end of the Summer in 2016, I started a blog I was really proud of. I’d done everything myself. Every link, every post, every update. I’d painstakingly worked to make my first blog truly memorable and beautiful.

Then school started, and I realized I didn’t know what I wanted that blog to be about. I danced around fashion and beauty. I toyed with self help and lifestyle coaching. I even dabbled with making the blog about everything and anything I could think of.

That wouldn’t have worked of course. I’m young, I don’t know enough about life to help myself, let alone giving advice to others. And, despite my passion for the art, I don’t know all that much about fashion or beauty to dedicate a whole blog to them.

What would I write about when I didn’t even know the purpose of the blog?

So I deleted it. I took my busy schedule as a sign that the moment to work on a blog was obviously not now. Which, doesn’t explain why I’m sitting here, editing a new website and writing my first blog post. I’m still just as busy, I’m still finding myself and still looking for my niche.

But I love to write. I’ve seen so many amazing things online and in real life that I just had to get out there. Writing is apart of who I am and having a creative outlet like a blog is too good to pass up.

So I’ve decided to center this blog around my current interests. Growing as a person, fashion and beauty as self expression, and writing it all out for everyone to see.

Sure, that’s a little vague and may come to bite me later on, but it’s what feels right at this moment, so why not? Is there some blogging police looking to take me in for not having a set theme for my blog? This blog is my baby, my plant. It’s mine to nurture and grow as I please. Which I plan to do now that I finally have an idea of the direction I want to go.


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